Submission Period runs from July 1st until December 1st.

Petrichor Machine is only looking for previously unpublished, original work.  We do not accept fanfiction or fanart of any kind. We DO accept simultaneous submissions — we only ask that you notify us promptly if you have decided to publish your work elsewhere.

The Basics:

  • Please email all submissions to with the word “submission” in the subject line, along with what type of submission it is (poetry, prose, visual art, etc) and the title of the submission.  For example: “SUBMISSION: PROSE: [YOUR TITLE HERE]“
  • Please proofread your submission. We want to be able to read the stories you have to tell without fixating on grammatical and spelling errors. If your work is rife with such errors, we will automatically reject it.
  • Please include your name, email address, and a short contributor’s biography in the body of your email. We ask that you refrain from summarizing your work in your email- we’d like to come to your work with a clean slate so we can experience it on its own legs.
  • Please format submissions in size 12 font, Times New Roman, double-spaced for prose and single-spaced for poetry, unless your work requires specific typographical formatting in order to tell your story. We ask that you attach your submission as a .doc, .rtf, or .jpg to your email. Do not write your submission in the body of the email.

Submission Types:

Petrichor Machine is looking for short fiction, poetry and visual art in all its forms. We are even hoping to see some works that push the boundaries of form itself. We are excited by experimentation. Jump off a cliff, take flight, and make us want to come with you. We encourage you to blur the lines between “genre” and “literary,” between “story” and “passion,” between the present and the page. We are looking for fiction that is unafraid to use whatever means necessary to evoke the feelings behind its story.


  • We accept Short stories and vignettes up to 6,000 words.
  • Up to 5 Flash Fiction pieces (A work is considered to be Flash Fiction when it is between approximately 100-1,000 words in length.)
  • Up to 5 Micro Fiction pieces (A work is considered to be Micro Fiction when it is up to approximately 100 words in length.)


  • Please limit yourself to 5 poems per poetry submission.


  • Please limit yourself to 5 images or self-contained comic strips per visual art submission. All visual art submissions should be submitted as a JPG, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Also, please note that all art submissions will have to be printed in black and white, with the exception of the cover image.


  • Petrichor Machine is also more than willing to accept mixed media work. If you happen to come up with a story that needs to be told, say, through painting and poetry and prose and photography all rolled up into one fireworks-explosion of a piece, please do! We’d love to get a piece of that action. We only ask that if that’s the case, you let us know in the body of your submission email that all the elements of your submission are supposed to work together as a whole.

The Fine Print:

Petrichor Machine attains First North American Serial Rights. All rights revert back to the creator upon publication. Excerpts or works posted online are posted with the permission of their contributors.

Unfortunately, at this time, Petrichor Machine is not a paying publication. We will, however, send you a super shiny contributor’s copy of the journal as well as our undying affection and devotion.